• Create, annotate, and share dynamic maps
  • Customize maps with a wide range of statistical overlays
  • Build interactive lessons that encourage active learning
  • Plus, World Atlas content is aligned to State and Common Core standards

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Beautiful, Interactive Maps

Bring lessons to life with professionally designed maps and data layers! Our dynamic platform allows teachers and students to create, draw on, annotate, and share custom maps.

Integrated Lesson Plans

Develop cross-curricular lessons to support students’ critical thinking and map skills. Each lesson is standards-aligned and can be downloaded, edited and saved.

Easy to Use & Collaborate

Create individual accounts for all your students. They can combine maps and layers, save them, add annotations then collaborate with other students. Plus, they can even share their maps with your teacher account.

What is the World Atlas?



“World Atlas is extremely informationally-driven and would be so helpful for teachers. Our textbooks go out of date quickly, but World Atlas would be our source for updated content.”

- Assistant Superintendent

North Carolina

“The interactive maps and customization abilities are wonderful. This will make life easier for teachers, and students will enjoy creating them.”

- Assistant Superintendent


“Our teachers want labeled maps of every country, and blank outline maps for practice and assessment. World Atlas has what we need to support teachers.”

- Social Studies Department Chair



Classroom Plan

  • All World Atlas features
  • 1 Teacher & Up to 30 students
  • Pay by credit card
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Classroom Plan

  • All World Atlas features
  • 1 Teacher & Up to 30 students
  • Pay by credit card
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